Ancient Cities, Part 2

Somehow, five years later, I’ve realized that I never uploaded pictures of Polonnaruwa, and my blog doesn’t really seem complete without them.  Here are some pictures of one of Sri Lanka’s other ancient, and very amazing city.

Forest monastery in the dry zone:

Our trusty friend and tuk tuk driver, Sangeeth at Polonnaruwa:

Meeting hall at Polonnaruwa:

Sinha, or lion:


Reclining Buddhas at Polonnaruwa:


3 responses to “Ancient Cities, Part 2

  1. Kristina Replogle Sullivan

    Wonderful blog, Alison! You saw a lot that we didn’t see, and your photos are terrific. What a grand experience it was! – Kris

  2. Those are truly beautiful pictures of Polonnaruwa. Shall I use them on a post of Bubblews?

  3. Great post Alison .. Thanks for sharing this.. The pictures are amazing. These ancient ruins are amazing to see. You can find these artifacts as symbols in Sri Lankan currency notes.

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