Today Sri Lankans are celebrating because the military reported that they had killed LTTE leader Villupillai Prabhakaran. Tomorrow the government will announce that the war is over and present their post-war plan.

I heard that Prabhakaran had been killed today when I was riding back from a government clinic on a tea estate. I was in a van with two government midwives, my translator, and the driver. We heard over the radio. Then one of the midwives, and then the driver, both got phone calls reporting the big news.

When I arrived back in Kandy there were caravans of three-wheelers driving down the street flying Sri Lankan flags. 


Now, this evening, there is singing and crackers (firecrackers to us Americans). It’s a strange time to be in Sri Lanka. I’m waiting to see how the situation here will unfold and hoping the country can actually find peace.


One response to “News

  1. Rani and I watched the TV coverage of the president’s announcement, and the PR tapes glorifying the military and the president. There have been lots and lots of firecrackers and flags in our neighborhood (near Kandy). I hope Sri Lankans win the peace now that the war seems to be ended.

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