Crackers, curtains, and curries

My new year’s was relatively quiet, aside from the loud fireworks, or crackers, as the local call them. These crackers do not create beautiful sparks, but instead just explode and sound like gunfire, and echo across the little valley where I live. The crackers continued for two more nights, and at first I thought it was only because Sri Lankans really love  New Year’s. Instead the crackers were to celebrate the fall of Kilinochchi, the Tamil Tiger’s headquarters up north. 

I celebrated New Year’s without crackers, but by ordering a curtain for my gigantic window, and learning to cook a Sri Lankan curry. My attempts to cook the foods I love from America have not turned out right. The ingredients I’m used to at home are either too expensive, unavailable, or just not the same. My first try at a curry was very tasty, a carrot and eggplant curry.  I had to grind my own spices to make garam masala.


Carrot and eggplant curry

Carrot and eggplant curry

The curtain was also a success, and an easy one. There is a curtain store in Kandy with hundreds of fabrics, some of them beautiful, and some of them not as beautiful. The fabric I selected was 250/yard, less than $2.50/yard, and is printed with galaxies and stars.




At the curtain store this print was on sale because, as the salesman pointed out, “most people here prefer flowers.”


2 responses to “Crackers, curtains, and curries

  1. The curry looks so good I can almost smell it! That deep skillet looks like a nifty piece of cookware. Can’t wait until you can show me some new techniques.

  2. It looks really yummy, I agree.

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