Settling in

After my first month in Kandy I’m starting to feel settled in my new life here. I have an apartment, I know how to take the bus into town and the university, I’m going to sign up for the gym near my house, and I know where to go grocery shopping. A new mall just opened in downtown Kandy after several years, and it has been the talk of the town. Right now the only place open in the mall is the Keell’s Grocery Store, but it is wonderful and worth all the buzz it has been generating. They have products I haven’t seen anywhere else in Kandy, including Oreos. The most interesting part of visiting the new mall is watching people try to use the escalator, the first one in Kandy. There are two mall employees whose job it is to greet people and explain to them how to use the escalator. People seem hesitant and nervous to step on the moving steps and it can take a minute or so before they work up the confidence. I have a feeling that the escalator is part of the draw for the new mall.

The other nice thing about settling in is I’ve started to explore my neighborhood and some of the windy streets around it. My friend Paula showed me a different way into town along Rajaphilla Mawatha which runs up the hills around the lake. There are views of Kandy and the mountain ranges outside the valley.


And great views of the Temple of the Tooth.


Temple of the Tooth.

Temple of the Tooth.


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