Kandyan Thanksgiving

Making Thanksgiving dinner in Sri Lanka has its challenges. There is no cream, no pumpkin, the sweet potatoes are white and purple, not orange, and there is no turkey. Also corn or cornmeal are impossible to find, so no cornbread this year. Despite these limitations I endeavored to make an apple pie this year. I’d thought about making a pumpkin cheesecake, but when I went to the grocery store and saw the available supplies, apple pie seemed like a better choice. 

I baked my pie at my friends Kris and Tim’s house. They live in a big, cool house on Dangolla Rd., near Peradeniya University. Their kitchen is not what I’m used to and baking in it took considerably longer than it would have somewhere else. The kitchen is divided into three rooms, one with all the pots and pans, gas stove, and a sink; one with the countertops, a teeny tiny stove, and a microwave; and one with a larger sink and water filter. There is also an outdoor covered porch for doing dishes. 


The big part of the kitchen (and that is not a giant colander, you put it over food to keep flies off).

The big part of the kitchen (and that is not a giant colander, you put it over food to keep flies off.

Despite the strangeness of the kitchen, my pie turned out just fine, and was quite lovely as well.


Our Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. Paula and Ben brought mashed potatoes, green beans and garlic, and bagels bought specially in Colombo.


Paula in the other part of the kitchen.

Kris and Tim made two chickens, because turkey is impossible to find and the oven was too small, and they bought lion lager, cranberry sauce, and some tasty white wine.  


Kris, Ben, and Tim at the dinner table.

Kris, Ben, and Tim at the dinner table.

We were also fortunate to have ice water, a true luxury here in Sri Lanka.



3 responses to “Kandyan Thanksgiving

  1. Alison,

    Kris and I were in Cargill’s Food City today and you will never guess what we found in the frozen food case. Frozen turkeys! Big as life.

    Thanksgiving was so much fun that maybe we should call for a “do over.”

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I’m sure you will now get some hits from my family as these would be the first photos of us posted since we got to Sri Lanka.

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  3. Alison, nice pie! looks great.

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