More Colombo Fun!

On Friday night I went to a party with the other Fulbrighters. The theme was “Things we miss from America.” Most of the people there were from the US and the host was serving rice krispy treats, KFC, and other American foods that I haven’t started to miss yet. Eating the rice krispy treats was difficult because they kept melting in my hands and falling apart as I tried to eat them. The people at the party were nice, but it was a little strange to travel for 36 hours across ten and a half time zones and end up somewhere so familiar. 

Saturday morning I woke up early and walked along Independence Avenue, along with just about everyone else in Colombo 7. Independence Avenue is full of trees and greenery, and I saw an egret on my walk. The Avenue passes by a large cement temple, commemorating Sri Lanka’s independence. I wanted to take a picture, but it is illegal to take pictures of government buildings, and I wasn’t sure if this counted as government or not.

Irene and Ruki are sad I’m leaving tomorrow. Ruki took me out for dinner last night at a restaurant called Green Cabin that serves traditional Sri Lankan food. I had prawn curry, and hoppers, a sort of pancake that is cooked in a curved pan. The edges are crispy and the middle is doughy. If forgot my camera, but I’m sure I will have other chances to take a pictures of food.

I will miss the guest house once I leave, Ruki, and Irene, and also Toby the resident dog. He looks pretty much like all the dogs here and is very friendly.




I will also miss my very comfortable room, which overlooks to road. I will not miss the car horns every morning. Cars and tuk-tuks honk as they come around the narrow corners to try and avoid running into anyone.



I’m excited to see what the rest of the country look like, and see the University of Peradeniya, the school I’m affiliated with. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the country and there is a nearby botanical gardens with 400 species of trees.


One response to “More Colombo Fun!

  1. you should get a Toby! Look! Sri Lanka is good to womens… – you have your own mosquito net? I’m jealous.

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